Continental Breakfast: Fresh Danish Pastries, Assorted Juices, Coffee or Tea – $6.95 pp

Continental Plus: Two Eggs, Bacon, American Fries, Toast and Biscuits, Juice, Coffee, or Tea. – $8.95 pp

Family Style Breakfast: Includes Ham, Sausage, Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, American Fries, Toast, Biscuits, Gravy, Danish Pastries, Butter, Jelly, Coffee, or Tea. – $10.95 pp

Breakfast buffets

Continental with Biscuits & Gravy – $7.95 pp
Breakfast Buffet – $10.95 pp

Additional items available for Family Style or Buffet priced per person:

Bagels & Cream Cheese$1.00 pp
Fruit Cup – $1.50 pp
Pancakes or French Toast – $1.50 pp
Egg Casserole or Egg Strata – $1.50 pp
Fried Chicken Wingettes – $2.00 pp


All luncheons are served with a salad, vegetable, potato, sherbet, coffee, or tea.

10 oz Strip Steak Sandwich on Toast Points – $13.95 pp
1/4 Golden Fried Chicken – $11.95 pp
Baked Pork Chop with Celery Dressing – $11.95 pp
Beef Tenderloin Tips and Noodles – $11.95 pp
Roast Round of Beef – $11.95 pp
Quiche of the Day – $11.95 pp
Crepes – Seafood or Chicken – $11.95 pp

Luncheon Plates

Sandwich Plates: Choice of Ham and Cheese, Turkey, Fischer’s traditional Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad or Ham Salad; served on bread as a sandwich; including potato chips,1/2 deviled egg, pickle and olive, coffee or tea. – $8.95 pp

Served on a Croissant – Add $1.00 pp

Fischer’s Club Sandwich with chips or Pasta Salad, Coffee, or Tea. – $9.95pp

Plate Luncheon: Fischer’s Traditional Chicken Salad, Ham Salad, or Tuna Salad,served on a bed of lettuce with potato chips, sliced tomatoes or jello mold, 1/2 deviled egg, pickle and olive, rolls and butter, sherbet or ice cream, coffee or tea. – $9.95 pp

Chunky Chicken Salade with Walnuts and Grapes – $10.95 pp

Fruit Plate: Assorted Fresh Seasonal Fruit served with Cottage Cheese or Sherbet, Blueberry Muffins, Coffee, or Tea. – $10.95 pp

Served with Assorted Finger Sandwiches – $11.95 pp

May we suggest the following to accompaniments to your luncheon?

Fruit Punch – $2.00 pp
Champagne Punch – $3.00 pp
Ice Cream or Sherbet & Cookie – $2.00 pp

Special Luncheons

Salad and Sandwich Buffet: Build your own salad with the large variety of fixings – 3 Salad Dressings – Fruit Jello – Pasta Salad – Potato Salad – Cole Slaw – Assorted Cheeses – Assorted Breads – Hot Roast Beef Au Jus – Assorted Cold Deli Meat Tray – French Fries – Assorted Desserts – Coffee or Tea. – $12.95 pp

Soup and Sandwich Buffet: Two soups – Fruit Jello – Assorted Cheeses – Assorted Breads – Hot Roast Beef AuJus – Assorted Cold Deli Meat Tray – French Fries – Assorted Desserts – Coffee or Tea. – $12.95 pp.
Add Salad $13.95 pp.

May we suggest the following items to personalize your buffet?

Carved Round of Beef – Add  $2.00  pp
Golden Fried Spring Chicken with whipped potatoes – Add  $2.50  pp
Carved Honey Baked Ham – Add  $2.00  pp
Pasta Con Broccoli or Mostaccioli – Add   $1.50  pp
Carved Honey Glazed Corned Beef – Add  $2.00  pp
Carved Pepper Pork Loin – Add  $2.00  pp

Buffet Menus

Basic Buffet: Golden Fried Chicken – Mostaccioli – Carved Honey Baked Ham – Garlic Whipped Potatoes – Gravy – Blue Lake Green Beans – Buttered Carrots – Rolls and Butter – Pasta Salad – Potato Salad – Cole Slaw – Condiments – Assorted Desserts – Coffee or Tea. $20.95 – Over 75 Guest $19.95 pp

Modified Buffet: Everything in the Basic Buffet plus: Carved Round of Roast Beef Au Jus – Pasta Con Broccoli can be substituted for Mostaccioli – Wild Rice – Tossed Green Salad (3 Dressings or Dressed). $21.95 – Over 75 Guest $20.95 pp

Deluxe Buffet: Everything in the Modified Buffet plus: B.B.Q. Ribs – Spinach Salad – House Salad or Fischer Salad may be substituted for the Tossed Green Salad. $22.95 – Over 75 Guest $21.95 pp

Superior Buffet: Fischer, House or Spinach Salad Served Tableside. Buffet includes Roast Prime Rib of Beef – Honey Ham or Peppered Pork – Baked Icelandic Cod – Boneless Chicken Breast – New Potatoes – Rice Pilaf – Pasta Con Broccoli – Mixed Vegetables – Rolls and Butter – Coffee or Tea. $32.45 – Over 175 Guest $31.45 pp

Dessert Choice of Sundae with a Cookie or Ice Cream and Your Cake served tableside.

Available additions:
Sweet Sour B.B.Q. Ribs – Add $ 3.00 pp
Bonless Chicken Breast in place of Fried Chicken – Add $ 2.75 pp
Carved Pepper Pork Loin – Add $ 3.00 pp
Honey Glazed Corned Beef Round – Add $ 3.50 pp
Deluxe Dessert Bar – Add $ 7.00 pp
Prime Rib – Add $ 6.00 pp
Chateaubriand – Add $ 7.00 pp

Pizza Buffet

This buffet includes; Assorted Pizzas, Salad Bar with fresh toppings and 3 salad dressings; choice of one hot pasta dish ( Mostaccioli, Spaghetti or Pasta Con Broccoli) Toasted Ravioli, Chicken Wingettes (Hot, BBQ, or Fried) Assorted Desserts, Coffee or Tea. – $18.95 pp

Additional items are also available. May we suggest the following?

Egg Rolls – $2.00 pp
Won Ton – $2.00 pp
Crab Ragoon – $2.50 pp
Mini Tacos – $2.00 pp
Mini Burritos – $2.00 pp
Coconut Shrimp – $7.00 pp
Oyster Rockefeller – $4.00 pp
Sweet and Sour BBQ Ribs – $2.00 pp
Iced Shrimp Bowl – $7.00 pp
Rumaki – $2.00 pp
Bacon Wrapped Scallops – $7.00 pp

Hor D’ Oeuvres Buffet

Trays of fresh assorted deli meats or assorted dollar sandwiches including: ham, turkey and roast beef, corned beef and pickle rolls, chicken, ham or tuna salad, fresh vegetable crudite with dipping sauses,  cheese board with crackers, toasted ravioli, assorted pizza, swedish meatballs, assorted desserts, frozen fruit salad, coffee or tea.- $16.95 pp
The following items can be added to the Basic Hor D’Oeuvres Buffet. These items are priced per person in addition to the basic price.

Chicken Wingettes (Hot, B.B.Q. or Fried) – $2.00 pp
Egg Rolls – $2.00 pp
Won Ton –  $2.00 pp
Crab Ragoon –  $2.50 pp
Mini Tacos –  $2.00 pp
Mini Burritos –  $2.00 pp
Coconut Shrimp –  $7.00 pp
Oyster Rockefeller –  $4.00 pp
Sweet Sour B.B.Q. Ribs –  $2.00 pp
Iced Shrimp Bowl –  $7.00 pp
Rumaki –  $2.00 pp
Bacon Wrapped Scallops –  $7.00 pp
Carved Roast Beef, Honey Glazed Ham, Glazed Corned Beef, <span >Peppered Pork Loin or Smoked Turkey –  $2.00 pp
Carved Chateaubriand – $7.00 pp
Light Appetizers with Dinner or Buffet –  $5.95 pp
Includes: Vegetable Crudite, Cheese Board and B.B.Q. Meat Balls

Dinner Entrees

All dinners include mixed green salad, potato or rice, vegetable, home-baked bread and butter, sherbert, coffe or tea.

Filet Mignon (10oz) – $30.95 pp
Strip Steak ( 12-14 oz) – $25.95 pp
Prime Rib – $24.95 pp
Chateaubriand – $34.95 pp
Roast Round of Beef – $21.95 pp
Veal Cordon Bleu – $23.95 pp

Chicken / Pork / Fish
Double Chicken Breast with Wild Rice Dressing – $21.95 pp
Chicken Kiev with Cream Sauce – $22.95 pp
Chicken Ala Fischer – $21.95 pp
Chicken Florentine – $20.95 pp
Stuffed Pork Chop – $21.95 pp
Baked Icelandic Cod – $21.95 pp

Rehearsal Dinners

All dinners include Mixed Green Salad, Whipped Potatoes, Sherbet, Coffee, or Tea.

Golden Fried Spring Chicken – $16.95 pp
Broiled Pork Chop – $16.95 pp
Roast Round of Beef – $16.95 pp

Family Style Dinner (10 to 50 people): Includes Mixed salad, whipped potatoes, gravy, dressing, two vegetables, rolls and butter, sherbet, coffee and tea.

Fried Chicken and Ham: $17.95 pp
Fried Chicken and Roast Round of Beef – $17.95 pp
Fried Chicken, Beef and Ham – $18.95 pp
Turkey and Dressing – $18.95 pp

Children ages 3 to 10 – $9.95
Children under 3 years of age – No Charge

Seminars & Business Meetings

Full Day Package: A.M. Continental Breakfast with Assorted Danish, Juices, Coffee, and Tea.  Luncheon Buffet Choice of Soup and Sandwich or Salad and Sandwich.  – $23.45 pp

Sit-Down Luncheons Choice of:
1/4 Golden Fried Spring Chicken
Roast Round of Beef
Pork Chop
Tenderloin Tips and Noodles

Afternoon break includes assorted sodas, coffee, tea, and cookies.  Coffee service throughout the meeting.

A la Carte Menus:
Continental Breakfast – $6.95 pp
Bacon or Sausage and Egg Breakfast – $8.95 pp
Luncheon Buffet – $11.95 pp
Sit Down Luncheon – $11.95 pp

Minimum food charge in meeting room $10.00 pp day and $12.50 pp night.  Meeting rooms are available without service for a room charge.  Additional charges of 8.1% tax and 20% service are added to all prices.  Prices are subject to change without notice.